STS Radiate Weekend

Features, STS Student Ministry Dec 14, 2010 Comments Off   Post by: Ty Faulk (STS Fifth & Sixth Grade Coordinator)

Recently, students from the fifth and sixth grade ministry participated in Radiate Weekend. This weekend is designed to disciple students and provides service opportunities throughout the Atlanta area. Some of the highlights included great times of worship, serving refugees in Clarkston, and quality small-group time in host homes. This year, we were blessed with two great speakers who are gifted with a passion for the Lord and His Word.

During the teaching time students learned about who the Holy Spirit is, how He guides us, and how to walk in the Spirit daily. The maturity and enthusiasm of our students always amazes us. It is very exciting to see the Spirit at work in their lives at such young ages.

Being in Clarkston gave our students a clear picture of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

While serving in Clarkston, it was a blessing to see the students’ desire to be used by God. Bennett and his wife, Idong, are missionaries with Family Heritage Foundation in Clarkston. They minister to refugee children and their families in various ways. Their dedication and commitment to these families radiates the light of Christ in this town and is an encouragement to many. They have graciously allowed us to be a part of their ministry and we’re grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside them. Being in Clarkston gave our students a clear picture of what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our students participated in various recreational activities and introduced the story of Creation through a time of reading. Another highlight from our time in Clarkston came through the opportunity to sing praise and worship songs with children from all over the world. Altogether, Radiate Weekend offered time for fifth and sixth grade students to truly connect with the Lord and each other. We are thrilled to see God at work in the lives of our students and look forward to seeing how they will continue to grow from this experience