Children's Ministry

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Summer at Apostles!

Sundays June 4th-August 13th


Children will continue to meet as they have during the school year.

Rising K and Rising 1st

Preschoolers will experience the same 10-week discipleship program as our elementary students, but in a way suitable for their age. The Greatest Journey is designed to equip children for the greatest adventure of all—to live boldly as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Children will sing songs, hear stories and learn that to follow Jesus is the greatest adventure!

The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover for themselves the one who is at the center of God’s great rescue story — and at the center of their story, too. Children will have classroom time with activities and games, and time in the Kingdom Kids Chapel for worship and to watch an animated video of The Jesus Storybook Bible.

Rising 2nd—Rising 5th

We are excited to offer The Greatest Journey, a 10-week discipleship program to help children know Jesus, follow Him every day, and tell others this Good News. This material is designed to equip children for the greatest adventure of all—to live boldly as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Meets in Room 423.

Family worship in the sanctuary.

*July 2nd Patriotic Sunday: Childcare for infants—rising kindergarteners

Wednesdays May 31st—August 16th


Children will continue to meet as they have during the school year.

Rising K and Rising 1st

Catechism Club continues! Join us as we review this past year and continue to learn big Truths about our Big God! We’ll play games, sing songs, and have fun with our catechism friends!

Rising 2nd—Rising 5th

Join us for Summer Running Church as we continue to dig into God’s Word, discover stories of the Heroes of the Faith and, of course, RUN! Drop off in Room 423 and pick up in STS Gym.

Children's-Ministry-LogoOur vision is to reach children for Christ and to equip them to surpass us in the knowledge of God, in faith, in righteousness, in fruitfulness, in evangelistic zeal, and commitment to world evangelization.

Our mission in children’s ministry is to intentionally reach out to children with the whole counsel of God—that they might know Him and love Him. Although children do not have the vocabulary to express it, they have hungry souls that yearn after God, so it is our desire that every experience a child has in our church includes God-centered programs and activities. We want to nurture faith in each child. We believe that spiritual foundations can be laid in even the youngest child in our nursery.

Early and consistent teaching in a child’s formative years has an enduring effect (Proverbs 22:6). We consider it a privilege to walk alongside parents as they train their children through faith-nurturing programs and ministries here at Apostles.

In Scripture, the Church is portrayed as a living spiritual house with Christ as the foundation and Cornerstone, and each believer as a stone. We want the children to understand that they are living stones, choice and precious in the sight of God. To children, our church is a picture of the Kingdom of God. We trust that every time they come to this place, they will be reminded that they are part of a bigger Kingdom and in the presence of the King of Kings.

Infants and Toddlers

… Need loving nursery care with a prayer focus. . . Each child is known and loved.

Specially chosen music, truth statements, stories, and toys are designed to make each baby feel loved and secure.

2 & 3-year-olds

HEARING develops Bible skills for newborns through age 3.

Our goal is that our 2’s and 3’s hear the Word as it is spoken in prayers and blessings, and stories.

“Wee Worship” utilizes music, puppets, and drama to engage these children.

4 year-olds & Kindergarten

SEEING & MEMORIZING develops Bible skills in children this age. Our 4-year-olds see the Bible used during teaching time & Bible memory is emphasized.

“Kingdom Kids” worship uses music & drama to allow the Bible to “come alive.”

First Grade & Second Grade

APPLYING develops Bible skills in Kindergartners & First Graders as the children come to know that the message of the Bible is for them. They are becoming acquainted with their own Bibles.

Kid’s Connection 1 and Leading the Way Moments reinforce stories & lessons.

Third Grade & Fourth Grade

READING: Children this age become acquainted with their own Bibles and become actively engaged in the text.

INTERPRETING: Through guided questions and explanations the children learn how to understand the text. Large group teaching by master teachers & small group interaction is important to this age group.

“Apostlelot” and Kid’s Connection 2 are large-group meetings that utilize many methods to allow children to become actively involved in truths presented.

Special Needs: “Special Stones”

Check in at Children’s Ministry Kiosk; Class meets in room 309

The Special Stones class at Apostles has an exciting individual based approach for our Sunday School lessons. We are passionate about children learning about the gospel on their personal level. New students are always welcome and our sweet, loving and well-trained volunteers constantly have open arms. Loving and caring for each child is our strength. If you have a loved one that would fit well in our class, we would love to meet them.

Our ministry to children with special needs is offered from 9:00 to noon on Sunday.

The 9:00 hour on Sunday morning is the place to be for families! One of the great blessings in our Children’s Ministry at The Church of The Apostles is the excellent opportunity for Bible study for all ages. The best of the best is offered during the 9:00 hour! It is our belief that we have a tremendous opportunity to reinforce solid truth when children are present from 9:00 until noon and not just one hour. How we long for the next generation to one day have memories of solid Bible teaching during happy Sunday mornings in their beloved church!

Infant – Age 2
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
Loving Nursery Care and Bible Stories
Children in these age groups are promoted developmentally throughout the year as they sit, crawl, and walk.

Age 2–3
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
The children will hear stories of God’s faithfulness through the Old and New Testaments.

Age 4-5
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
The children will discover the wonder of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit by studying His attributes in the Old and New Testaments.

Special Stones
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
Room 309
Special Needs Children

1st Grade
5th Floor
Jesus, What a Savior
A study for children on the greatness and worth of God

2nd Grade
5th Floor
Faithful to All His Promises
God is always watching to make sure that His Word is performed!

3rd Grade
5th Floor
In the Beginning . . . Jesus: A Chronological Study of Redemptive History
The focus of the entire Bible is the revealing of Jesus.

4th Grade
5th Floor
To Be Like Jesus
A study for children on following Jesus and not a “to do” list of the Christian life

Apostlelot (1st – 4th Grade)
Children gather together at the end of 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning classes for an Assembly where they visit the land of “Apostlelot.” Kingdom characters (and the kids!) learn how to work through real life dilemmas. The drama presentation focuses on the lives of faithful men and women throughout history and the godly character evident in their lives. Church members also visit Apostlelot and share their testimonies of God’s faithfulness in their lives. Apostlelot is offered during the 9:00 hour only.

Infant – Age 3
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
Toddler and preschool teaching and activities in a small group setting accompanied by large group puppets and drama (“Wee Worship”) and lesson themes that amplify what has been taught during the 9:00 hour. Each child will experience the love of God and others and learn themselves how to express their love for Jesus.

Age 4-5
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
Small group Bible teaching and interactive activities including a large group worship service (“Kingdom Kids”) with music, teaching, and mission moments are lovingly presented to our preschoolers. Children will begin to discover who God is, praise Him because of those attributes, and be taught to implement their love for Him in their lives.

Special Stones
3rd Floor | Visitor Check-in at Kiosk
Room 309
Special Needs Children

First – Third Grade
Kid’s Connection
Room 423
Kid’s Connection is our children’s church for 1st – 3rd graders, where children have the opportunity for a time of worship and large-group teaching from 10:30 until noon. I Stand in Awe is a study for children about the Bible, which is a message to us from God. The purpose of the Bible is that you may believe. Large group teachers will share their own affection for God’s Word as they present the lesson and lead activities that apply to the truths taught.

Kid’s Connection does not meet the week after Thanksgiving, during the Christmas break, Easter, Mother’s Day, and during the summer months.

Are you looking for opportunities that will help your 3rd – 5th graders develop a heart of service?

We have a unique opportunity for your 3rd – 5th grade child to be involved in an incredibly important ministry opportunity. Covenant Keepers is a ministry that is specially designed to train and encourage our older elementary children in sharing their faith and gifts before God. These activities take place at 10:30, and there are two ways to be involved.

  • 3rd – 5th graders: Serve 5 to 6 times a year leading worship with songs, Bible memory, drama, and puppets during Kingdom Kids—a service for 4 and 5 year olds.
  • 4th grade only: Serve one Sunday a month in Kid’s Connection assisting a 1st This is a perfect opportunity to become a friend to a younger child who is new to Kid’s Connection.

For more information, please contact Elisabeth Hooker at Please specify where your child is interested in serving (may be both).

Infant – Threes
6:00 p.m. | 3rd Floor Check-in
Loving Nursery Care, Stories, and Activities

6:00 p.m. | 3rd Floor Check-in
Kid’s Quest Catechism Club
Beginning Kids’ Quest Catechism Club is an opportunity to teach our preschoolers stories from the Bible of God’s work in the world. What a joy it is to help the children understand God’s character and theological truths. Music, games, art, written activities, and a lot of repetition reinforce the teaching and help the children memorize the answers to the catechism questions. 

6:00 p.m. | 3rd Floor Check-in
Drop-off on the 3rd floor and pick-up in the STS Gym
Running Church “Junior” and Kid’s Quest Catechism, part two
Children begin the evening with their continued Kid’s Quest Catechism Club lessons and join the elementary children in the STS gym for the recreation component of Running Church!

1st – 4th Grade
Running Church
6:00 p.m. | 4th Floor Check-in
Drop-off at Room 423 and pick-up in the STS Gym
Elementary children enjoy this midweek time of Bible teaching on Knowing Who God Truly Is (attributes of God that correspond week to week with our Apostles adult midweek and family devotionals). The activity and teaching time is followed by recreation in the gym or on “the green.” Come for family night supper, which begins at 5:30 p.m.

VBS 2017 – June 12-16 – 8:45-Noon

The GREAT Adventure!  God’s Irresistible Call

Our GREAT Adventure begins June 12, 2017 at The Church of The Apostles, and this year’s theme investigates God’s irresistible call in the lives of His children. Life is an adventure, but we will see together that God is calling His people to a GREAT ADVENTURE—a call to Himself. Our young explorers will go on a five-day expedition that will investigate stories of men and women of faith whose lives have proven God’s irresistible call to His own forever-family and His Kingdom.

VBS 2017 is sold out!