What is Living Waters?

“Where can I go to share my pain and struggle? Will anyone listen to me? How can I find hope in my struggle? I’m alone and afraid to tell anyone what’s really in my heart.” – LW Participant

Such thoughts and questions plague many Christians. The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of relational and sexual issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living. Living Waters is about finding a way to admitting brokenness, and finally accepting the only way to wholeness is by discovering what the healing power of a relationship with Jesus really means.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would someone go to Living Waters?
How is Living Waters presented?
Is Living Waters for Me?
What will I learn?
How much does Living Waters cost?
Is Living Waters really a 24 week program? Why?
Does Living Waters have a confidentiality policy?
What if I cannot commit to Living Waters or if it doesn’t begin again for many months?
Do you have counselors on staff?

When & Where

Tuesdays from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
October 3, 2017 – March 27, 2018


Download Living Waters Application » Applications accepted beginning NOW and running through September 14. If space is still available, then applications will be accepted through October 6. Interviews begin August 15.


If you have additional questions about Living Waters please email

Brian Maxwell | bmaxwell@apostles.org or

Beth Geary | bgeary@apostles.org


Download Living Waters Brochure »

What Others Have Said

“Through Living Waters, God gently drew my attention from my imperfections and areas of sin and refocused my attention on Him. I am now defined through Him and not through anything I have or haven’t done.”

“Through Living Waters, God has given me an increasing confidence in my manhood, faith, talents, relationships and my place in the Christian community. I no longer cower away from God and church because I struggle with certain sins, but run to Him stronger because He offers comfort and strength in my weakness.”

“I have felt burdens released through prayer. So many chains were broken, sins forgiven and forsaken, generational sins broken, hurtful words prayed against. . .I will never forget the healing that has taken place in Living Waters.”

“In Living Waters I learned that I need not be afraid and self-reliant, but that God is with me and is my protector. In fact, I am His divine masterpiece!”

“I have struggled with anger at women, but Living Waters healed areas, and helped me honor my wife and women in general. In fact, I have learned that God embodies both the masculine and feminine, and both are blessed.”

“I have learned how important community is. I need to know that God loves me as I am and that others can to. Also, childhood abuse had led to relationship difficulties. But I am now closer to God and others.”