Men’s Ministry


We have several opportunities for men to connect for growing spiritually, becoming accountable, and building friendships. In Men’s Fraternity we meet in a large group for a challenging lesson, and then break up into small groups for discussion.

Small groups are a place where you can join others to grow, share, and reach out. You will grow through the discussion and application of God’s Word.  You will share life with all of its joys and challenges. You will reach out to others using your spiritual gifts.  Come and find your place to belong.

We also offer men’s mentoring called The Path.  This is one-on-one mentoring tailored to each individual.

Men's Fraternity

Men’s Fraternity Atlanta

Fridays at 5:55 a.m. | STS Worship Center

Men’s Fraternity is a program designed to equip men to live and to lead as God intended, training men to press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

The church, the nation, and the world are suffering mightily from a lack of godly, masculine leadership. As traditional masculine virtues are assaulted and undermined in our modern culture, too many men either capitulate or seek satisfaction from counterfeits that are often selfish, juvenile, and destructive. We men are called to something higher, nobler, and truer. We know this, and we crave this, but too often flounder because we lack training and the fellowship of like-minded brothers.

We invite all men of Apostles and our larger community to answer this call by joining us in the STS Worship Center on Friday mornings. We meet for a light breakfast, followed by a presentation and small group discussion. We will endeavor to conclude no later than 7:40 a.m., but you are welcome to leave earlier if you need to.

Men are in a battle against a ruthless and relentless enemy – personal, cultural, and societal forces that seek to alienate and confuse men at every age and in every walk of life. AUTHENTIC MEN understand the genesis of their manhood and are grounded in timeless principles and bedrock values. They are resolute and decisive, qualities that modern western culture discourages, not because they have no value, but because such men are a threat to the prevailing norms and standards. AUTHENTIC MEN understand the need to learn, continually evaluate themselves, and train in the company of like-minded men.

To find out more about Men’s Fraternity, contact: or call Brenda Williams at 404-591-1965.

Men's Small Groups

Men’s Small Groups

Weekday Mornings

Marriage, children, work, home, faith—the challenges abound. In today’s world it’s tough to be who God has called us to be. How do we follow Him and lead others? How do we balance the demands at work with the responsibilities at home?  How do we love our wives like Christ loved the Church?

God did not intend for you to discover the answer to these and all the other important life questions by yourself.  You were created to live in community with other men who are wrestling with the same issues, and who desire to live godly lives that count for God, but have not yet “put it all together.”

Come join other men who meet here at the church on most weekday mornings to study Scripture and to apply it to real life.  Share your life with other men who will help you see Scripture more clearly and who will help you sharpen your focus on Christ.
To find out more about men’s small groups, contact Rhonda Saduddin at or 404.564.3152.

To find out more about Men’s Small Groups, contact Rhonda Saduddin at or 404-564-3152.

The Path Mentoring

The Path: Men’s Mentoring

The Path is a lay ministry at The Church of The Apostles that seeks to facilitate mentoring partnerships between men who desire to have accountability for their lives. The Bible is our primary source of guidance.  We strive hard not to create our own “program,” but instead to let the Holy Spirit guide in this effort.  As a reference for our mentors, we use a book called The Heart of Mentoring by David A. Stoddard. Dave has worked closely with our core team, helping us fully grasp the Ten Powerful Principles of Effective Mentoring laid out in his book.  The overriding theme is that mentoring is a process facilitated by a relationship.  Each partnership is unique and tailored to the needs of the younger partner.  Mentors are willing to open their lives, letting the partner see how he succeeded or failed, and above all, learned from his experiences.  Mentors are good listeners.  They don’t have an agenda or want to change their mentoring partners.  They want to help their mentoring partners navigate the narrow path of a Christian life.

For more information on the The Path, please visit our site or contact Rhonda Saduddin at or 404-564-3152.

Visit The Path Website

Next Generation Mentoring

Next Generation: Small Group Mentoring

Next Generation – Small Group Mentoring is one of the men’s mentoring tracks at Apostles and is built around the following core elements: The key figure that drives the experience is a middle-aged mentor who is a person of a mature spiritual stature, a leader in the business world, and a man passionate about investing his life into younger men who are hungry to grow. He meets with a small group of six to eight younger men for an evening monthly meeting which lasts approximately three hours. The small group comes together to discuss the content of an assigned book that is relevant to the growth and development of the young men. The group interacts around the application and integration of the content of the assigned book into the lives of each participant. The books cover topics like life purpose, fathering, priority setting, marriage excellence, spiritual warfare, decision-making, and many more.

Other meaningful exercises and disciplines, as well as a weekend retreat, are woven together into the year-long experience, all of which make the time spent practical, integrative, and relevant to the nurture and development of young men as godly leaders. The men who have gone through this have found it to be life-impacting on themselves, their marriages, their families, and their professional lives. So far, not one man out of the hundreds who have completed the program here and at other churches has gone through a divorce.

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