In faithfulness to God’s direction, The Church of The Apostles is developing ministries which are meeting real spiritual needs. We invite you to examine them and to become a part of the movement of God’s Holy Spirit at Apostles.

Adult Ministries

Our goal is to develop mature Christians with a biblical world and life view! Our Sunday Morning Adult Ministries are structured to help people gain knowledge, acquire understanding, and begin to grow in wisdom. Each class is guided by biblically strategic values and is led by gifted facilitators in small to medium size settings. Contact: James Saxon, 404-591-1981.

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Small Groups

Our Small Group Ministry is a great way to build firm relationships with like-minded believers, connect into our church community, and bring seekers into our ministry. Contact: T.J. Diamond, 404-591-2472.

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Childrens Ministry

The Church of the Apostles aims to teach the love and power of Christ to children of all ages.We have special programs for children Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and weekday programs that coincide with Women’s Ministry activities. Contact:Connie Musselman, 404-591-1969.

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There are many year-round opportunities for you to do God’s work by getting personally involved with ministries supported by Apostles. Contact: Brenda Williams, 404-591-1965.

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Congregational Care

Our purpose is to extend the reach of the Pastor to care for all members as Christ would care for His own, both by ministering to them and teaching them to minister to one another. Contact: Stan Carder, 404-564-3146.

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STS Student Ministry

Our purpose at STS (Student to Student) is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by introducing Him to them personally; instructing students about the necessary disciplines of the Christian faith and helping them to apply Biblical truths to their lives; and incorporating students into the active life of the church body, eventually to be given way to make disciples of others. Contact: Brian Skaggs, 404-564-3145.

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Womens Ministry

We strive to equip and encourage all women of The Church of The Apostles to have and to grow in a living and vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ for the purpose of reaching the lost. Contact: Marcia Calhoun, 404-591-2483.

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Young Families Ministry

Are you married? Do you have young children? Have you ever wondered how you will survive it all? Do you find yourself retreating from the really important things in life and simply trying to hang on? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Young Families Ministry at The Church of The Apostles is the place for you.

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Leading The Way

God has called Leading The Way to passionately proclaim His uncompromising Truth. This ministry is leading the way for people in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ—both at home, and around the world. Find out more information on Leading the Way here.