• Grow closer to God.
    Inside a community of like-minded believers, you are encouraged to worship, pray, and learn.
  • Be known and loved.
    No matter your story, you will be respected and embraced as someone made in the image of God.
  • Receive support when you need it.
    All of us experience difficult times. Having a pastor, small group and church family there to encourage and pray for you is invaluable.
  • Discover your spiritual gifts.
    Each of us was created uniquely by God with talents and abilities that can help others. We’ll help you discover, develop and deploy your spiritual gifts.
  • Build lasting friendships.
    Our church is a family united by our shared love for Jesus. This commonality creates a bond that serves as a foundation for relationship building.
  • Be equipped.
    We teach the truth of the Bible as the primary source for spiritual growth and daily living. This truth gives us the confidence to understand and live out Godly values.
  • Be a blessing to others.
    We all want to make a difference. Belonging to a community opens our eyes to the needs around us and allows us to work together to make an impact for Christ.