Saturday, May 2 @ 8:00 P.M.

Whether you’re a trivia expert or not, you’ll enjoy a fun night
out (sort of) at Apostles’ Trivia Night.

Play at home or organize an online gathering with your small group or other friends.

Keep your own score and compare how you’re doing in real-time with our in-studio contestants Leah Colvin (STS), Daryl Allen (Leading The Way), and Zack Carden (Family Ministry).

So grab a pen and paper to record your answers. When it’s over, see how your score compares with friends, as well as Leah, Daryl, and Zack. Then feel free to share your score on the Facebook chat feed, if you like.

The event lasts about an hour and promises lots of fun and laughter . . . which are certainly not trivial matters these days.