An Evening with Anne Graham Lotz

by Elise Wilkes

Dear Women of Apostles,

In all of my years here, I have never been so proud to be a part of our church community as I was during the evening with Anne Graham Lotz.  Allow me to share a few of the responses I received:

Seeing Susan White, who has faithfully been serving under the teaching of Dr. J, explaining the role of the Holy Spirit to one of her guests, was beautiful.  

Our men were so gracious, selfless, and filled with joy as they served in the parking garage. People took notice.
Isn’t it amazing when you are in the family of God, meet for the first time and feel the bond of His love and our love for the Lord and each other?  It brings tears to my eyes as I repeat our meeting in my heart.

It was so amazing to serve. I was SOOOOO blessed! And got to see several people I wouldn’t have without ushering! And just praying for people and being sweet and kind as I was seating them – thank you for asking me to SERVE!

So thankful to God for His provision of the Holy Spirit last night, for Anne as an instrument, and for you and your team as diligent prayer warriors. God is honored because His name was lifted high!

To walk into the Ladies Room and be greeted by two sweet people was a REAL treat!

What a wonderful spirit-filled time.  For those of us in BSF, it was a double blessing as her message augmented what we had just studied in Acts the previous week (smile).

Thank you for such a nice evening!  It was a hit and showed the Living God at Apostles in so many ways! Very proud of seeing Him in so many that evening….

My rewards were greater than serving at the AGL event: just being there fed my soul!

The message from Anne Graham Lotz was refreshing for my spirit, but more importantly, listening to it alongside people I loved.  Thanks for inviting me.

I would love to get together to discuss the evening with AGL further.  God is leading me to make room in my life for a prayer partner, for such a time as this.

Elise Wilkes