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Adult Bible Classes

Adult Bible Classes are from 9:00 – 10:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings. This is a time when our children, youth, and adult communities meet for grounding, learning, connecting, and training in the wisdom and ways of the Lord. These communities gather together around Jesus, the living Word of God, and the Scripture, the written Word of God.

Classes begin Sunday, June 10 with a few exceptions.

In order to assist you in your search for a community that is the best fit for you and your family, we have brief descriptions of all classes being offered this summer at the link below.

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Young Families

Young FamilyYoung Families range from nearly and newly weds to couples with elementary age children. Our ministry exists to keep our spiritual lives vital during this exciting and challenging phase of life. For more information about how you can get involved, contact Kevin Cuthbertson at

Sunday Morning Classes

Our Sunday morning community class begins with a continental breakfast from 8:45-9:30, followed by an engaging teaching from God’s Word and directed discussion. During the week we offer various small groups, fellowships, and ministry opportunities.

Young Families Fellowship

Kevin Cuthbertson | Room 620-623

As a church that clearly and faithfully teaches salvation by grace through faith alone, we want our lives to model the faith that we proclaim. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote that faith without works is dead and, in his letter, he lays out for us the evidences of a living faith. In this class, we will work through the book of James and seek to answer the question: What does it look like to be a citizen of the Kingdom? Breakfast will be served for the whole family beginning at 8:45 and class will begin by 9:15. For more information, contact Kevin Cuthbertson at


Women’s Ministry

WomenThe women’s ministry at The Church of The Apostles desires to be a place where women of all ages and stages can come together to be equipped to use their God-given gifts to minister to the Church and the world.

Our vision is to see women who are committed to a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ through diligent prayer and the study of Scriptures, and who are confident in the use of their gifts so that they reach out in loving relationships, to make an impact in their world.

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Men’s Ministry

MenWe have several opportunities for men to connect for growing spiritually, becoming accountable, and building friendships. In Men’s Fraternity we meet in a large group for a challenging lesson, and then break up into small groups for discussion.

Small groups are a place where you can join others to grow, share, and reach out. You will grow through the discussion and application of God’s Word.  You will share life with all of its joys and challenges. You will reach out to others using your spiritual gifts.  Come and find your place to belong.

We also offer men’s mentoring called The Path.  This is one-on-one mentoring tailored to each individual.

Men's Fraternity

Mens-Frat-Atlanta-LogoMen’s Fraternity Atlanta

Fridays | 6:00 – 7:30 a.m. | STS Gym

Men’s Fraternity teaches males of all ages how to become authentic men as biblically prescribed. They are taught how to reject passivity, how to accept responsibility, how to lead courageously, and how to expect God’s greater reward.

A complimentary light breakfast is provided.

To find out more about Men’s Fraternity, contact Mike Slaughter at

The Hub

The Hub

Tuesday Mornings | The Commons | 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. (6:45 a.m. Breakfast)

Men, join us at The Hub to be:

  • Equipped by God’s Truth.
  • Encouraged by God’s People.
  • Empowered by God’s Spirit.

As men, we all want to make a difference at home, at work, and in all areas of our life. But, sometimes, we get stuck. The Hub is designed for men of all ages to be equipped, encouraged, and empowered for real change.

Join us for a complimentary light breakfast, challenging teaching from the book of James, and interactive discussion around the tables. We’ll talk about how to live out God’s truth in practical ways so we look a whole lot more like Jesus than we did before we came.

To find out more about The Hub, contact Mike Slaughter at

Men's Small Groups

Men’s Small Groups

Weekday Mornings

Marriage, children, work, home, faith—the challenges abound. In today’s world, it’s tough to be who God has called us to be. How do we follow Him and lead others? How do we balance the demands at work with the responsibilities at home? How do we love our wives like Christ loved the Church?

God did not intend for you to discover these answers by yourself. You were created to live in community with other men who are wrestling with the same issues. Come join other men at the church to study Scripture, apply it to real life and sharpen your focus on Christ.

To find out more about Men’s Small Groups, contact Rhonda Saduddin at or 404-564-3152.

The Path: Men’s Mentoring

The Path: Men’s Mentoring


The Path facilitates mentoring relationships between men who desire to have accountability for their lives. Our primary source of guidance comes from the Bible and the Holy Spirit, but as a reference for our mentors, we use a book called The Heart of Mentoring by Dave Stoddard.

Mentoring is a process that is uniquely tailored to the needs of the young mentee. Mentors open their lives, sharing their successes or failures and, above all, what they learned from their experiences. They listen well and don’t have an agenda or want to change their mentees; instead, mentors desire to help their mentee navigate the narrow path of the Christian life.

You can register for The Path by filling out this registration form.

For more information, contact Mike Slaughter at or 404-219-6039(mobile) or Rhonda Saduddin at or 404-564-3152.