Young Families ministry at Apostles focuses on those who are recently married to those whose children are in the precipice of their middle school years. Whether you are married, married with children, or a single parent, these years are often fast paced. 

Life can become overwhelming due to a plethora of activity that is common during this stage of life. It is important to be purposeful in your spiritual growth personally, in your marriage, and with your children during these critical years. Creating a strong biblical culture and community for your family is essential if you want to pass your faith on to the next generation. 

We have two primary landing spots for young families at Apostles. One is in the Family Connection class, which meets at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings in room 620-623 for a time of teaching and sharing. This is a great time to meet because there are children’s classes planned at this time as well. Another important option is to connect with one of our small groups that meet during the week. In a small group, you can join others in a solid, biblical community to live out your faith together. 

For more information about these opportunities to invest in the spiritual health of your family, please contact Rhonda Saduddin at