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Options for serving this ministry

We would welcome and encourage you to get to know these kids, young adults, teenagers and Mothers by simply speaking with them or coming by room 251 after Sunday service to talk with them. It is often a great blessing just to share a personal testimony, thoughts and guidance.

  • We could use volunteer help with transportation on Wednesday nights; we are currently running over capacity on Wednesdays.
  • Some could volunteer to meet us at the church on Sundays and help with seating, and sitting with someone during the services then discussing the sermon.
  • We welcome participation in lunch with the kids after Sunday services.
  • Adopt a child and/or family to pray over, we also encourage interaction with them by getting to know them.
  • Sponsorships for after school actives, such as cheerleading, sports (both boys and girls) and tutoring.
  • Sponsorships for Elite Women of Excellence and transportation to actives. $25 per girl.
  • Child sponsorship for life necessities, proper clothing, occasional sundries, etc..
  • We would welcome contributions for weekly Sunday lunches, school uniforms, school supplies, etc..
  • Transportation to occasional weekend Christian actives, and to Wears Valley Ranch.
  • General contributions are welcome for gas, supplies, food and emergency help.

We are also seeking a committed volunteer to join our ministry for Admin help. The duties would be to get weekly attendance and an updated participation roster. Other duties such as following up with Wares Valley Ranch Applications, and Elite Women of Excellence applications.

About the ministry

Adrienne’s Fields is an outreach ministry focusing on the needs of children and the poor living in the inner city. It is our goal and mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. For our God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son as a sacrifice for our eternal salvation. As Christians we seek to minister to the world that he loves.

What We Teach

We use Gods word as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. As we seek to put Gods loving word and teachings into practice in all aspects of our daily life.

Our Vision

Faith is about trusting God through his Son, Christ Jesus for life, for eternity. Living as a Christian means putting your faith into action.

James 2:14-19

Gerald Whitlowe |

Gerald Whitlow – 678-296-2733

Jordan Gillian 828-200-3503