Daughters, Spiritual Daughters, and Widows

On May 7, The Widows’ Network sponsored a luncheon that gave this special group of women an opportunity to invite their daughters. Women who did not have daughters were encouraged to bring a woman they would consider a spiritual daughter. Needless to say, joy ensued.

After Chef David’s beautiful buffet, Stan Carder spoke on his process of dealing with becoming a widower with wisdom, Scripture, and humor. His now wife Sally, an Apostles favorite, offered color commentary.

But the greatest takeaway of the afternoon was the love shared around each table—love between the widows and their daughters (spiritual and natural), love among the widows themselves, and the love and appreciation the widows have for the staff who serves them so attentively throughout the year.

Church of the Apostles has blessed the widows with special luncheons throughout the years for more than two decades. With her signature wit and wisdom, lay leader Marion Sharp offers great advice to those who come to speak for the first time: “Be brief and be gone!” The women are really there to fellowship and encourage one another.

Although the Widows’ Network is open to all widows who are members of Apostles, this is a group that no one wants to join initially; however, in a season of widowhood, the love, advice, and deep understanding women offer one another is valued and needed. It often surprises first time visitors how lively and fun this group is. Stan Carder said the first time he was invited to speak he expected a somber group. Instead, Joyce Johnson met him at the door with a kazoo!

I Timothy 5:30 exhorts us to “honor widows” and Apostles is very intentional about that. Elise Wilkes, Betty Cooper, and their team are attentive to making these luncheons a great encouragement to women who may be in a season of living alone. From the beautiful flowers and table settings to the thoughtful gifts and takeaways, the soul, body, and spirit are fed at every gathering.

The widows thank Church of the Apostles for the love and blessings of The Widows’ Network!

(Pictured below are Casey Hawley and her spiritual daughter Trish Bruce enjoying time together at the final Widows’ Luncheon of the 2022-2023 year. The May luncheon traditionally fosters intergenerational sharing of wisdom, life, and the Word.)