The Lord instituted family. In the Garden He gave the Man to the Woman and said they were to be united. Jesus said of this, “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

There are so many things in this fallen world that try to “put asunder” marriage and family. Sin, flesh, and the Evil One tear at the fabric of our family life. When Jesus instituted the Church, He created a larger family to minister with and to individual family units. Both were meant to work together to strengthen families and family members through growth in grace so that families might not be “torn asunder.”

It is the goal of family ministries to unite the age-based ministries at The Church of The Apostles to strengthen families and assist their growth in grace. We do this by equipping parents to disciple at home and creating a common goal for those age-based ministries to help where God is already working in the individual family member’s life.

From the Children’s Ministry to Student Ministry, from college to young professionals ministry, from families with young children to families with older children, we seek to labor together to strengthen our families. Please take a moment to connect with these age-based ministries and see where we might partner with you and your family.