Options for serving this ministry

Here are several ways to get involved:

Front Desk Receptionist: Check-in clients as they arrive for their appointments; assist clients coming in for material assistance items; assist the WCC staff with administrative duties while working at the front desk; and answer phone calls from the WCC clients, donors or vendors. Commitment: 3-hour shift weekly

Parenting Class Instructor: Lead parenting classes for clients who have chosen life for their child and are first-time mothers. Teach parenting tools and educate on subjects including feeding your baby, choosing a pediatrician, immunizations, disciplining your child, and much more. Commitment: Make your own schedule with the clients. Typically four 1-hour classes per client.

On-going Care Volunteers: Assist with follow-up calls to the clients throughout their pregnancy. Make monthly calls to check on the client each month throughout her pregnancy until she delivers. Making sure she comes by the clinic, with the baby, to pick up her baby gift to celebrate the birth of her little one. Commitment: Once or twice a month to make the follow-up phone calls.

Administrative Office Help: Assist the WCC staff with specific administrative projects. Light administrative duties could include, filing, scanning, shredding, assisting with spreadsheet projects, and organizing volunteers for special events etc. Commitment: Once or twice a month for 2 hours.

Events Team Volunteer: Assist the Clinic when hosting special events, large fundraisers and open houses. Assist with setup and teardown. Decorate. Bake. Utilize your administrative skills with registration. Commitment: A few times a year.

Ways your small group or organization can get involved:

  • Throw a client a baby shower
  • Collect items to fill a spa gift bag for our clients
  • Have a Diaper Derby collection to refill the diaper and wipe stock for our clients
  • Host a baby bottle campaign (fill a bottle with your change) at your church
  • Sponsor a mother’s helper for after delivery (approx. $150/ week)
  • Car donations

Other volunteers opportunities to help our clients:

  • Employment Referrals ·
  • Couples counseling
  • Job training
  • Budgeting classes
  • Fatherhood counseling

About the ministry

Human Coalition is a collective of individuals bound together in answer to a common call: to do all we can to remove the stain of abortion from America. We are change agents—not simply because we are against abortion but because we are for life. We are for preborn babies who need to be protected in the womb; for women who should not have to choose the life of their baby for a fulfilling life; for families whose members should flourish in an environment of value and love; for mothers and fathers who deserve a chance at being mothers and fathers; and for society that needs all its children to live and thrive if it is to be called “civilized.”

Amber Lehman |