I Am Seen – By Charlotte Travis

By Charlotte Travis

What a night! As I search for words to describe the I Am Seen event on May 4, I think the following nails it on the head. One of our fashion show models hopped in to see her hair dresser in preparation for the night. When her stylist asked what she had on the agenda, she said, “I’m fighting human trafficking!” That incapsulates the spirit of the evening as we gathered in a beautifully decorated room, with delicious food, an over the top fashion show previewing pieces by Ellie Larry of ELD Fashion House, stunning live music featuring Kristen Brewer’s I Am Seen album, Dave Hubbard’s call to action, and so much more. We asked the Lord to magnify His Name and bring glory to Himself, and He did just that through Ellie’s passion to serve Him in the fashion industry, and Kristen’s gift of weaving Biblical narrative with inspired song.

Sometimes God calls us to weep and fast; sometimes to feast and rejoice. In feasting and rejoicing in all He is doing, we were privileged to play a part in exposing and driving back darkness as our magnificent Savior continues to set the captives free. Who, outside of the predators, doesn’t want to make a difference in the battle against human trafficking? The event gave so many of us an opportunity to do just that. Whether in monetary giving, prayer, or volunteering with the organizations benefiting from the night, we learned more about this horrific evil, and what we can do to fight against it.

I’ve been at Church of the Apostles for about a dozen years. If you haven’t had the opportunity to witness Women’s Ministry engage and run with the opportunities God presents, it’s a blessing to behold! Watching the gifts of the Spirit being used in the body with joy and unity to accomplish His purposes is so faith building. It amazed me to see this plan, this evening, come together in such a wonderful way as Elise, Kerri, Ellie, Betty and so very many others banded together.

It all began a few years ago when the Lord gave Kerri Taylor a vision and a ministry name. If you know Kerri, you’re not surprised that she took that vision and humbly ran with His zeal. Now Hope Is Shining (HIS) is raising awareness and finances to fight human trafficking through music events. The ministry exists to recover, reclaim, and restore victims of sexual exploitation or abuse. For more information on Hope is Shining, how to get involved, and upcoming events, please visit: https://www.hopeisshining.org