Rand Eberhard

I grew up in Alpharetta Georgia and have been shaped by the love of God throughout my life. Before attending Toccoa Falls Bible College I met my wife Jenny, since then we have been in ministry together. By God’s grace and truth, I am a recovered addict / alcoholic and graduate of No Longer Bound. I have served as a recovery and youth Pastor in Atlanta with a heart for people and their pain for the last ten years. I am also a recent graduate from Fuller Theological Seminary. Jenny and I have been entrusted to love and lead three daughters Eliza, Olivia, and Emma Drew. It is a blessing and honor to have been called into Congregational Care at The Church of The Apostles. My wife met the Lord in this great church and I formerly served as a youth pastor here in STS. We are excited to see what God has for us and wants to do through us.

God has given me a heart for people and how we together might look to his Word for power and hope as we each face the human struggle. It is a true blessing to journey with Dr. Youssef and the congregation as we seek God’s heart for this city and world. We look forward to growing with each of you.