Summer 2019 Sunday Morning Classes

Classes will meet June 2 through June 30, break for the July series by Leading The Way, and resume August 4 through 25 (unless otherwise indicated).

The Book of Ephesians

Tom Taylor and Roger Hill
Room 237

We will study the book of Ephesians to learn of the rich blessings that God the Father has in store for us and how they empower us to walk holy and blameless lives.
The class will have times of sharing and getting to know others at Apostles as well as energetic Bible Study.

Hope and Healing Presented By Congregational Care

Each class will be taught by a member of the Congregational Care Team:
Rand Eberhard, Jeanine Dungan, Beth Geary, Stan Carder and Brian Maxwell

Room 244

1. Suffering and Hope
2. Overcoming Anxiety – Depression – Addiction
3. Confession and Forgiveness
4. Holding the Truth in the midst of Darkness
5. Marriage Yoked in Christ
6. The Redemptive Work of Jesus Christ
7. Humility – The Attractional Nature of Christ in You
8. Inner Healing – Deep Appropriation of the Gospel
9. Missional Living
Life as we know it is not only difficult but is often unmanageable. The presenting issues that plague the condition of our hearts include unrealistic expectations, disappointment, inferiority/competition, tragedy, suffering and much more. How can we be faithful to the love of Christ – receiving it and extending it when we get so bogged down? As believers we aren’t to be burdened by the mysteries of God, but rather we are invited into His redemptive plan for His church. Join us as we journey together into the Lord’s heart finding hope and healing together.

Thrive: A Mid-Singles Community
(35 and above)

Danny Castellano and Brad Ost
Room 613

Thrive is a mid-singles class working through the Bible. Right now, we’re in the book of Esther and sharing our lives in community. We’d love to have you come along with us as we seek to grow toward the Lord and each other in a warm and welcoming setting. Come and thrive in our community.