Summer 2020 Sunday Morning Classes

Classes start on June 7, unless indicated otherwise, and meet on Sundays from 9:00 — 10:00 a.m.

This Summer, our classes are meeting virtually until we can resume meeting in person. If you would like to get connected in fellowship with other believers to study the Word of God and pray, please register for a class below. For more information, please contact contact Rhonda Saduddin at

Growing – Entry Level Classes

Christianity 3D – “Sampling the Psalms”

Glenn Rivera

  • “The Voices of the Ages” – Psalm 2
  • “When We Can’t See God” – Psalm 22
  • “The Blessing of the Shepherd’s Fold” – Psalm 23
  • “God is Here” – Psalm 46
  • “A Pleasing Sacrifice” – Psalm 51
  • “When Life Seems Unfair” – Psalm 73
  • “Valuing the Lord of Life” – Psalm 139
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Life on Mission and How it Relates to a Health Crisis

James Saxon

June 7-28

The gospel is the greatest story ever told about the greatest offer ever made by the greatest person who ever lived. Our core mission is to make sure that this story is made known to our generation. Life on Mission is an equipping opportunity open to everyone who wants to live out of a more defined sense of mission. The class will introduce five habits essential to missional living in general and will reference opportunities related to the COVID-19 crisis in particular. The purpose of the class is to train a person to make the gospel known to our generation through their everyday actions and words. To get your questions answered, call James Saxon at 404-591-1981 or email him at

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Connecting – Community or Life Stage Classes

Hope and Healing Summer Series
The Fruit of the Spirit – Galatians 5:16-26

Rand Eberhard

The Fruit of the Spirit is inviting, attractive, and evidence of Christ in us. Consider what the Christian life consists of (biblical studies, theology, doctrine, church history) and how these things inform and affect how we live in a challenging society. Jesus said: “By their fruit you will recognize them.” The Fruit of the Spirit is the indication that we are working out our salvation with fear and trembling. It is easier to act like Christ than it is to REACT like Him. It is this reality and more that we will press into throughout this study led by the Congregational Care team. We hope that you will give space in your heart and mind for the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to shape your life for His glory.

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Thrive: A Mid-Singles Community (35 and above)

Brad Ost

Thrive is a mid-singles class working through the Bible. Right now, we’re in the Gospel of John and sharing our lives in community. We’d love to have you come along with us as we seek to grow toward the Lord and each other in a warm and welcoming setting. Come and thrive in our community.

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Living By Faith: Snapshots from Hebrews 11
(Women’s Group)

Laurie Graffo, Tonja Brice, & Sherrie Rodriguez

“By faith” are words repeated over and over in Hebrews 11, the “Hall of Fame” of those who have walked by faith in the Bible. But what about now? How can we walk by faith today? Come and explore this topic with us over the summer, hear testimonies of those who have walked by faith, and study these remarkable Scriptural “by faith” examples.

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Single Adults Living in Truth 40+

Mike Glass

July 5-26

Whether you’re new to Apostles or just looking to connect with our Singles community, this gathering is for you. Join with other mid-singles ages 40+ to build friendships and grow in grace. We begin the morning with round table interaction along with some practical biblical teaching to help everyone understand how to live out the gospel in our work, family, and friendships.

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Learning – Study Classes with a Learning Emphasis

“Male & Female He Created Them”

Brian Maxwell

August 2-23

Over four Sundays, we’ll consider the point and purpose of gender from a biblical, cultural, and personal perspective. Is it accidental or essential?  Is it fixed or fluid? Do we tolerate it or celebrate it? Bring your Bibles and your thoughts, and let’s explore this subject together.

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Training Classes – Developing Life Skills

What Jesus Says about Himself – The Gospel of John

Tom Taylor

Join us as we study what Jesus says about Himself and what He expects from us, based on John’s Gospel. The meat of the class will focus on the “I am” passages. If you are looking for a new group of people to help you belong here at Apostles, join us this summer.

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