Grounding – Entry Level Classes

First Look

John Horton and Greg Smith
Room 201-203

Our church family at Apostles is passionate about reaching the lost and equipping the Saints. We would love for you to join us on this mission! Our four-week First Look class is an opportunity to learn more about Apostles, learn about your spiritual gifts and discover the many growth, fellowship and ministry opportunities available to you. While not obligating you to join the church, please note: it is required to complete the First Look class for church membership.

For information, contact Jo Fuller at 404-564-6673 or

First Step

James Saxon
Room 201-203 (Moving to Room 242 on October 7)

In an attempt to assist all persons relatively new to The Church of The Apostles to move more deeply into the life and ministry of our church, we have organized a learning opportunity called First Step. This class is a sequel to the First Look Class, and it currently lasts for ten weeks. First Step, though not a requirement for membership, is highly recommended for all those new to the church. James Saxon, the Director of Outreach and Evangelism, leads the class along with a team of lay leaders.

Progressive Bible Concepts

Chris Kitchens
Room 245

Have you ever asked, “What are basic Christian doctrines?” Or, “where are they located in the Bible?” The study will use Scripture to answer those questions. Adoption, Sanctification, The Trinity, Incarnation, and Election are some of the topics we will be studying this fall.

It will be an exciting study that will enrich your faith, whether you are a new or seasoned believer. Come and be transformed by God’s Word.