Elise Wilkes

Since moving from Dallas, Texas to Atlanta in 2001, The Church of The Apostles has been an anchor of support for me and has ministered to my family in countless ways. It brings me great joy to walk alongside women in their journey with Christ and to help them experience His love regardless of their season in life or underlying circumstances. It is a beautiful gift to have the opportunity to celebrate the process of ladies discovering, developing, and expressing their gifts in community.

I entered into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as a young teenager. My husband, Tom, and I married in 1982. We have three adult children and a new son-in-law.

The desire of my heart is to serve women, to encourage them, and to provide opportunities for them to grow and experience Christ as their most precious treasure. Women are designed to inspire, influence, and champion the cause of the kingdom of God with beauty, strength, grace, and wisdom in our culture. By fostering an environment that invites intimate, authentic community, the church can create a safe place that equips and supports women in their endeavor to impact and influence others in their own spheres. I am both grateful and humbled by the opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity.