Women on Assignment: YOU

Please enjoy a glimpse of the testimonies shared from our retreat – glory to God!!!
And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death. Revelation 12:11 (ESV)

Thank you, well done, it was excellent in every way. You really made strides in building up the kingdom while tearing down the work of the evil one—perfect timing to fortify us all for this quarantine.

I saw two young ladies who attended the retreat recently. One of them confided in me a conversation she had with her friend after the “Look In” evening session, as they walked to small group time.  She said “I’ve never experienced God like this before. This is all brand new to me!” It never gets old to see the Gospel transform lives!

A big THANK YOU for providing enough hugs to get me through the Divine Disruption without losing my mind!  When I start to get discouraged or lose heart, my mind instantly goes back to the first weekend in March. Ironically it was the last weekend we were allowed to hug people on the planet, and I smile. God gave me enough hugs that weekend to last a lifetime. To God be the glory as we LOOK UP during these difficult days ahead.

Thank you to all of you for an amazing retreat!!! So many wonderful experiences and loved getting to know new people. Women’s Ministry continues to lead us in His way!

Your prayers for me were answered in a mighty way! Floodgates were opened over the weekend like you cannot even imagine. I was exceedingly blessed. Many, many people approached me to ask how to help, and I just want you to know how huge this was.

God always prepares his people. Thank you to the Women’s Ministry for being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s directing. Psalm 121 is what we are standing on today, along with Psalms 91. The intentional prayer journal helps me to refine and understand having an intentional prayer life. Today’s prayer pattern was Nehemiah 2:17-18. Return to HIS purpose and repent. With all that is happening around the globe and in our communities with this evil pestilence, it’s deeper than the surface. It is spiritual. God is still working, and I am so thankful for the tools the retreat equipped me with for this season. I will be in continuous prayer for the women of my small group and all the ladies from the retreat. Thank you!

I turned a big corner during the retreat; God answered and confirmed long-standing questions and requests that I have patiently waited for. I feel connected, established, and even sought-after. It was fun sharing all this with my friend in our room too. She was the perfect roommate (sleeps through everything), and she had many God moments during our time at the lake as well.

I really was blessed during the Look Up 2020 Women’s Retreat held on 3/5-3/7/20 at Lake Lanier Islands. The fellowship, activities, and information shared were wonderful, and I also enjoyed meeting new people. The speaker Marian Jordan Ellis was great, and she really touched on some things that I needed to hear for improving my spiritual walk and relationship with God. Now that I have received the tools to Look Up, Look In, and Look Out, it is up to me to go forth and share with others, help others, and live the life that God has destined for me. I am so thankful for being gifted with this wonderful spiritual experience!

Glory to God! He is alive and active and continues to draw hearts towards Him.

I have been meaning to let you know how much I appreciated all that you and your team did to make the Look-Up women’s retreat such an awesome weekend.  I could tell that many prayers went into the preparation of the weekend.  Everything from the speaker, the booklet for taking our notes, the way you assigned our tables so we could meet many new people, the small groups that you placed us in for prayer and discussion, the food, the recreation time and the beautiful setting at Lake Lanier was truly God-ordained. I felt the presence of God throughout the weekend in every activity. It was such a spirit-filled and uplifting experience!

The timing was, of course, perfect for where we find ourselves now. God knew exactly what we needed as women to prepare us for this time when we are called to minister and witness to family and friends. Psalm 121 has given me much comfort and strength during this time and a perfect scripture for sharing with others. Praise God for all that He did that weekend to strengthen, encourage, and guide all of us!

One woman who does not go to Apostles, sitting at her “zip code table” for the final session of the retreat, learned she lives in the same neighborhood as an Apostles member! She was invited to the retreat by a friend from Apostles. What a joy to discover new sisters in Christ, living in your neighborhood!

And He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place… Acts 17:26.