Jonathan Youssef: Perseverance

A question that is so common in the life of almost every believer is, how do I know if I am saved? Can I lose my salvation?

The warnings in Hebrews 6, Paul’s concern in 1 Corinthians 9 about being disqualified as well as examples like King Saul and others have led some to conclude that people can fall finally and fully from grace.

We believe in the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints, sometimes referred to as “eternal security.”

We have security because salvation is of the Lord and we are His craftsmanship. He gives the Holy Spirit to every believer as a promise that He will fulfill what He begins.

He has likewise sealed every believer by the Holy Spirit.

He has marked us with an indelible mark and given His personal down payment that guarantees He will finish the transaction.


Romans 8

Philippians 1


Focus on Jesus’s promise of your eternal security.

Ask yourself the hard questions about your walk with God. How are you bearing fruit?

Encourage one another to be grounded in faith, growing in maturity, which all the more gives us that assurance of salvation.


Please pray for a renewed appreciation of God’s grace in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and for a renewed comfort and confidence in the assurance that He will finish the work that He has started.